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What's LOVE Got To Do With It?

Being happy at work and loving what you do is the ultimate dream for most workers. Whether employee or entrepreneur, enjoying work is a great boost to productivity,

creativity, problem solving, and positive relationships with co-workers and customers.

We recently conducted a poll on the importance of a good work environment and 93% of people agreed that having a safe & enjoyable work environment where employees can do work they love while feeling valued is extremely important.

Some of the benefits of doing work you love include:

Better Health

It's probably no surprise that working in a positive work environment helps to keep the bad stress at bay. When people love the work they do, they are less stressful at work. With so many health issues related to stress, having a healthy workplace creates an opportunity for better health.

Motivation Increases

Employees and entrepreneurs who enjoy their work are more likely to be motivated to get things done correctly, share new ideas, try new things, and work through difficult times with optimism and faith; leaving them to believe that the outcome will result in something positive.

Relationships Improve

When people do work they love, they have a positive attitude. This decreases reasons to be irritable, angry, sad, and confused, which increases the likelihood of having better professional and personal relationships.

Confidence Grows

Happy workers are more confident in their abilities and the abilities of their co-workers.

They believe in the mission of the company and consistently work to see the company win at the work they do everyday. Happy workers are confident in communicating suggestions, helping in other areas as needed, participating in company events, and take pride in the company's reputation.

It's Good for Business

Business owners and employees who love their work display those feelings to customers. Their enthusiasm inspires customers to shop often and encourages customers to spread good news about the business, while becoming loyal to the brand.

So doing work you LOVE is very important. Finding ways to foster an environment where people can thrive, feel valued, and grow in their gifts is a great way to help them love the work they do.

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