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Opportunity Store

The Opportunity Store is here for you!

This is an incredible OPPORTUNITY!

When building the Opportunity Store we definitely kept Members of our H4B; Small Business Network in mind. We wanted to make sure we provided multiple opportunities for you to gain exposure, sell your products and services, network & collaborate, and purchase items for you and your business at deep discounts. Why? Because we are a COMMUNITY and we want you to SUCCEED. Your economic success is motivation and a lesson for others. Your success creates a positive legacy.


1. Sponsor a Zoom Room for one our selected events.

2. Become an Event Sponsor at a live or online event.

3. Add your something special to an event SWAG Bag.

4. Be a Front Page Sponsor featuring your branding, posts, contact information.

5. Become an audio podcast guest on our podcast (coming soon).


  1. Sell your products or services in our online Opportunity Store.

2. Sell your products and/or services at Opportunity Store Pop-Up Events.


  1. Network in our Third Fridays Group.

  2. Collaborate by offering your products and/or services in one of our gift guides.


1. Join us online each month and purchase items at deep discount prices.

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