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First Virtual Booth Goes To Cleveland, Ohio

Angela Spring

Jul 10, 2023

We're Outside!



Our Virtual Booth made its first appearance in Cleveland, Ohio on Saturday,

July 8, 2023 in support of the Pilgrim Baptist Church's community clothing giveaway.

Our interactive Virtual Booth provided attendees with easy access to employment & entrepreneurship resources, cafe coaching, and free registration for future 1:1 coaching programs and services. The Hire Excellence Staff was available and provided assistance by phone via our toll free number. For people who could not make the phone call during the event they were given our website contact information

Here's why we do it. Hire Excellence Inc. is dedicated to providing excellent employment & entrepreneurship education in every space that we possibly can. Virtual Booths are available via phone call, text messaging, and online; allowing us to partner with other organizations in a convenient safe saving manner, whille offering valuable services to people in need, at the moment they need it.

To find out more about our Virtual Booths or to receive information on how you can bring a Virtual Booth to your event, click here to contact us.

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