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Bring EVERYSPACE To Your Next Community Event

Angela Spring

Aug 24, 2023

Bring an EVERYSPACE Virtual Booth To Your Next Community Event.

EVERYSPACE Virtual Booth is the new and innovative service designed by Hire Excellence Inc. making employment and entrepreneurship education & resources free and accessible to anyone in need throughought the United States.

Our EVERYSPACE Virtual Booth adds a valuable experience to any community event serving both adults and teens.

Here's how it works:

  • Event Hosts select the type of virtual booth they want to have advertised at their event.

  • Then, Hire Excellence Inc. provides the Event Host with all of the virtual booth promotional materials needed prior to the event via email.

  • The day of the event, Hire Excellence Inc. Staff & Volunteers assist event attendees via phone, online or through our Facebook page with coaching, workshops, or Q&A sessions during the duration of the event at no cost to the Event Host or the Attendees.

EVERYSPACE Virtual Booth works because it provides "right now" information to meet the "right now" employment, small business, and community resource needs that many people are facing.

We believe that everyone has the right to the education and resources necessary to combat economic insecurity. Our EVERYSAPCE Virtual Booths are operated by a professional and experienced staff of employees and volunteers who are ready to help.

Contact us to bring an EVERYSPACE Virtual Booth to your next community event.

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